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Belgian government pledges free masks for Everybody as part of its COVID-19 lockdown exit Plan

Every single Belgian citizen will get a complimentary cloth face mask as a portion of this exit plan from the nation’s coronavirus lockdown, Belgian prime minister Sophie Wilmès declared on Friday.

Haberdasheries and cloth shops are going to be the first companies to reopen on May 4, though other companies might need to wait till May 11.

Additionally from May 4, using protective masks will become compulsory on public transportation for everyone over age 12.

“Wearing a cozy fabric mask may play an integral part in the deconfinement plan”, guaranteed Wilmès throughout her press conference at Brussels, also remembering the importance of hand hygiene.

Internal traveling to the shore and Ardennes woods is set to resume on May 18.

On precisely the same day, school courses will restart, beginning from secondary and primary schools’ final decades.

There’ll be a maximum of 10 students per course, while kindergartens might not reopen this year.

But mass events like music festivals won’t be permitted to occur until September.

Wilmès stated any of these constraints could instantly be reimposed when the health condition worsens.

“The equilibrium is delicate, the equation is complex, and that’s the reason we need to bear in mind that nothing is set in stone,” she insisted.

In this state of 11.5 million inhabitants, that counted over 54,000 confirmed cases and almost 7,000 deaths because of Saturday,” the spread of Covid-19 was slowed down, but the virus hasn’t vanished,” Wilmès explained.