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Bella Hadid is Planet’s most beautiful Girl According to Greek Math, Beyonce and Amber Heard are runners-up

Supermodel Bella Hadid has become easily the most beautiful girl on the planet. At least, that is what Greek math states. Researchers discovered the most beautiful girl in the world based on the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi Standards have chosen the Victoria’s Secret model’s face as the one which comes closest to perfection, reports

The Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi defines beauty compared with antique Greek calculations. Measurements of facial proportions have been performed moving by criteria that Greek scholars employed while attempting to define attractiveness with scientific formulation.

According to the Golden Ratio dimensions, the 23-year-old Bella has a face that’s 94.35% ideal. She’s a face that’s 92.44% ideal.

Actor Amber Heard is at number three with a ratio of 91.85 percent whilst pop superstar Ariana Grande is set fourth with 91.81 percent.

“Bella Hadid has been the winner when all parts of their face were quantified for bodily perfection. She had the greatest total reading because of her chin that, using an average score of 99.7 percent, is just 0.3 percent from being the ideal form,” Dr Julian told The Daily Mail.

Both had called it quits a few weeks past, and they quashed all reunion rumors stating they are still only”friends” and not anything more.