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Berlin Film Festival suspends award after allegations its Creator had Nazi Connections

The Berlin International Film Festival has suspended one of its important awards after allegations that its founding director, Alfred Bauer, has been closely involved in Nazi propaganda.

Bauer’s contentious past was shown in an article in Die Zeit, which detected historical research indicating that Bauer was a member of the Nazi party and also a part of the SA, the Nazis’ pre-war paramilitary wing.

Bauer also seemed to be an integral portion of Goebbels’ Reichsfilmintendanz, a body established by the propaganda ministry in 1942 to restrain the cinema business, it’s claimed.

In 1 report drawn upon him to get the Nazi party, Bauer was described as an “enthusiastic SA guy” whose”political perspectives are impeccable”.

Alfred Bauer was the Head of the Berlinale in the early 1950s before the mid-seventies.

Bauer expired in 1986 and 1987 that a Prize was made with his title, The Alfred Bauer Prize, that was thought of as a unique”Silver Bear” award.