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Berlin Wall 30th anniversary: Handshake Job tries to Make connections in Which there was Branch

Last updated on November 2, 2019

A distinctive art project is attempting to get tens of thousands of Berliners to shake hands to symbolize German reunification.

The project wishes to collect 10,957 clay molds of people shaking hands — one for each day because the construction tumbled in 1989.

Dutch artist Meike Ziegler got strangers to talk and bring their palms together with a chunk of clay in the center.

This produces an exceptional mold impression of the experience. The strategy would be to utilize the molds to create a symbolic wall of unification.

“As this was a split city for quite a while, I thought let us take the part of this branch, the walls, and link,” said Ziegler.

“That is as straightforward as it brings and is East and West Berliners together.”