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Bernat Solé I Barril: Reshaping the post-coronavirus Planet from a European Viewpoint

COVID-19 has shifted everything. It has had, and will have, numerous impacts on how we work and live and how we should handle this new truth. We do not know.

In this aspect, we have to recall the loss of tens of thousands of individual lives.

This catastrophe reminds us that we will need to locate a common European reaction. The EU’s capability to act is dependent upon our capacity to operate together and urge for putting citizens in the center of our policies. We must overcome this catastrophe with much more Europe and much more democracy. We confront a chance to strengthen the European job by moving out of unilateral country alternatives to common, international solutions.

When facing troubling times, we constantly learn that we can’t get them through independently. The pandemic is a wake-up telephone for everyone and as authorities, we can’t afford to isolate ourselves from our spouses and follow our path independently. As a dedicated and trustworthy partner of the European project, the Government of Catalonia has always been active and present in the European discussions, and today, as we start to check at the new future before us, we would like to discuss our experiences to bring about construction commons solutions.

It’s the right time to reimagine the post-coronavirus world in a sustainable and European perspective. We have to reconsider the future of Europe in accord with the newest European Green offer and, at precisely the same time, stay at the forefront of their political, economic, and social agenda. Within this unexpected and elaborate scenario, we consider it’s essential to enable the multilevel government and foster the existence of stateless nations, cities, and regions, together with enabling cross-border alliance and the Mediterranean region.

Within the last couple of months, the focus was on handling the coronavirus outbreak and its direct consequences on public health. It’s been crucial to presume common rules and practices to maintain our capability to confront the virus while at precisely the same time preserve the inner market. The lockdown confronted by many nations has created an unprecedented stop to our savings and the decrease in functioning action, sparking a direct growth of the unemployment rate, the reduction of taxpayer’s buying power, and greater social inequality.

This is an international catastrophe, which demands international solutions. In the building of the common plans, the 2030 Agenda aims are crucial, and Europe must place climate and environmental transitions in the middle of our restoration plans, together with the European Green offer and strengthening the Multiannual Financial Framework. And,” about sustainability, it’s precisely this new fact that compels us to reflect on the various results of the catastrophe, either from a European standpoint, but from an international one.”

During the present crisis, we’ve observed the way invention, non-profit public-private ventures, large-scale citizen solidarity, and societal and individual behavioral changes are triggered to answer the ramifications of the global pandemic. What’s more, it’s crucial to discover structural and transversal alternatives to issues, like the lack of access to the home, increasing unemployment, and the incidence of temporary work. We’ve got a collective obligation to overcome this catastrophe in a manner that most of Europe’s lands come from it on precisely the same footing. That’s the reason why the Catalan government suggests a fundamental confinement income for most European citizens financed directly by the European Central Bank.

This intricate roadmap also has to be achieved by preserving heart European basic values, rights, and rights. Catalonia strongly simplifies the concept of an enabled and crucial European citizenship that actively participates in society, together with transparent authorities that ensure access to open information and where people’s rights are ensured. We’ve learned that just powerful democracies, who trust and believe in their fellow taxpayers, locate the greatest collective solutions to confront global challenges of the current and the near future. We need a European Union based on these values across its land, a frequent job that rereads and reshapes itself to style a new storyline for its restoration, to be resilient to confront future challenges and pandemics, and also to fortify our place on the planet.

There’s a lot to be achieved and we’re devoted to conquer this challenge. We can’t delay the building of a European fashion ahead to reshape the future post-coronavirus age; it’s up to us to do it.