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Bernie Sanders to go House Saturday as he recovers from heart attac

He had been treated because of what his effort explained at the time as a blockage in 1 artery.

Sanders’ medical staff stated in the announcement he had been taken to the cardiac catheterization lab, and”2 stents were put in an obstructed coronary artery”. Other arteries were healthy, ” the announcement said.

He had been released from the hospital Friday.

“I am feeling so far better,” Sanders said in a movie posted Friday to his Twitter account. “I only wish to thank you all to your love and warm wishes that you shipped to me.”

He’ll be off the 2020 campaign trail for the upcoming few days as he recovers, his staff told NBC News. He’s expected to get involved in the next Democratic presidential debate on Oct. 15.

Before he had been hospitalized,” Sanders said he’d publish his medical records since the”American individuals have a right to know if the person they will be voting for president is healthful.”