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Best foods for weight loss

Like all creatures, humans are blessed with sense organs which are bound to experience temptations. While on hand we can manage partial control on these with our will power, it is not feasible and also desirable to supress your tiny cravings like food all the time especially when you can have a healthy substitute to it. For, what is not available in market today or the experiments you can do with so much of information available?  So don’t stop yourself, just go the right way. Nourish yourself with healthy food. So here we are with a precise guide on what items you should add in your daily food to make it a healthier one.

Whole Eggs – Once feared for rising cholesterol, eggs are now one of the top good foods in the list of weight loss. Not just nutritive, eggs are a great source of protein which increase your metabolism and thus enable rapid calorie burn.

The nutritive value of whole eggs is incomparable. It contains almost all kinds of vitamins and every kind of nutrient you need. So if you add eggs in your breakfast, it will keep your hunger satiate and as per studies, people who eat eggs in breakfast eat less in the next meal for feel less hungry compared to other people.

Avocados – This is an amazing fruit. Unlike other fruits high in carbs, this fruit is rich in healthy fats. Its water and fibre content is high making it a great option for people who want to lose weight. The BMI of people eating avocados is usually better than people who don’t as per the studies.

Avocados are also a good source of potassium.  Don’t think twice to add avocados in your salads form today and experience its magical benefits.

Pulses – Pulses are a great source of protein which provides fullness to body. People adding pulses in their diet have shown to lose weight significantly greater than those who do not. This is because pulses comprise of soluble fibre which may slow down digestion and absorption which leads to secretion of hormones signalling fullness. 

Add pulses like chickpeas, beans, peas, beans and observe if it gives you similar effect.

Nuts and Seeds – Not just good in taste, nuts and seeds are excellent source for weight loss and offer multiple other benefits. 

Add almonds in your breakfast. Of course you need to keep a check on limit because while nuts support weight loss, these are high energy foods too

Similarly chia seeds are low carb food and an excellent source of fibre.

Yogurt – Full fat yogurt is another magical food item for losing weight. The probiotic bacteria present in it helps you keep a healthy gut that’s protects against inflammation. 

But be sure to choose right yogurt with active cultures because some yogurt do not contain probiotics.

Coconut oil – Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids which burn more number of calories.  However do not add it to your existing oil but replace it. Since coconut oil also has calories so be mindful of sticking to this and stopping the other one.

There are ample fruits and vegetables which you can opt for reducing weight.  Stick to whole foods and avoid overly cooking foods to preserve their nutrition.  Follow a regular exercise pattern and we are sure that you will find a change in yourself.