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Bigg Boss 13 day 18 written Upgrade Incident 18 October 17: Siddharth Asserts Rashami’s allegations are baseless,’Not Acceptable with her image

TV celebrities Siddharth Shukla and Rashami Desai surely don’t plan to finish their struggle within the Bigg Boss 13 home any shortly as Thursday’s incident just saw bettering of their feud.

Paras was asking all to wash their plates and glasses but Sidharth contended that individuals should take out their responsibilities correctly.

Devoleena requested Paras regarding Sidharth’s behavior with Rashami Desai and he said he understood plenty of secrets about Siddharth and when he started talking, it’d expose Siddharth Shukla. Also, he told her that he’ll describe to her when they’re from their Bigg Boss home. Paras disclosed that Siddharth’s motorist is currently his driver, so he understands everything about Siddharth.

Pressing Rashami’s mind, Shehnaaz asked her when she outdated Siddharth Shukla to that Rashami stated, “To your rate? Ek Saath? Uska nahi pata level mai into nahi aati. (Then would we’ve come together for this series? At least I would not have).”

The prison task was subsequently announced and Abu called Paras and Shehnaaz for its prison. Devoleena desired Siddharth and Rashami to be shipped, Rashami. Paras stated Sidharth Shukla ought to be placed in jail because he doesn’t take any responsibility for the home. An agitated Sidharth known as Paras that a weakling. Rashami also barged from the heated market and maintained that Sidharth was targeting her.

Bigg Boss requested Devoleena to announce the 2 titles the housemates had determined and if Devoleena called Rashami and Shehnaaz, Rashami interrupted stating she does not agree with the outcome. Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaaz were eventually sent to prison.

Siddharth requested to be called into confession space and after he moved there, he stated that he doesn’t agree with the justification provided by housemates but added that he’s got an issue with”false accusations made by Rashami. “Mark paas har minute ka footage hota hao I don’t have to understand who’s right and wrong. But I am not alright with her image. She’s making baseless allegations and it tarnishes my picture I’m not fine with it.” Bigg Boss told me that Rashami’s allegations and Siddharth’s announcement have been proven into the audience and they’re better to judge who’s right and wrong.

Sidharth kept cribbing about the warmth within the prison and requesting a fan. He was afterward heard hitting the walls of the toilet within the prison. Shehnaaz was fearful of Siddharth and asked him if she needs to eat her dinner. She told Devoleena she is fearful of Siddharth and worries he might punch her.

Siddharth requested Shehnaaz if Paras told anything.

When Arti Singh arrived at Siddharth Shukla to inform him she supports him he stated,” Tum ye Abhi kar Rahi ho kyuki main tumhe perform baar rescue Kiya.