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Bigg Boss 13: Ex-contestant Dalljiet Kaur says That She Isn’t enjoying the Series, feels Individuals have personal grudges

Last updated on October 21, 2019

Koena, on her eviction, had predicted Salman biased. Reacting to her announcement, Dalljiet informed Bollywoodlife within an interview, “I don’t believe Salman Khan is biased”

Speaking in a meeting after being voted out of this series, Koena had stated, “I believe Salman, his mindset and his behavior towards me, was making matters quite evident. I was not shocked as someplace I had been anticipating it. In case you’ve observed the weekend ka vaar episode, then you should have observed regarding the way he had been defending the wrong men and women. He had been defending their activities and his actions were in favor of the incorrect actions.”

She gave an illustration to show her point and added, “For instance, Shehnaaz Gill mocking me, my job, look and acting ability. Thus, when you get it done behind someone’s back, it’s known as b**ching and making fun of the individual. Occasionally folks also came and informed me. When I informed Shehnaaz, please reveal these things, she’d run. This has been quite shocking for me since I don’t believe any Indian could love someone indulging in mockery, personal attacks or conclusions. Indians aren’t so feeble.”

The two Koena and Dalljiet were nominated collectively and were shipped from their home only a day apart. Speaking about the game following her departure, Dalljiet farther told that the amusement site, “I’m honestly not loving what I am seeing. It appears that the contestants have attracted their grudges to the sport and tasks that are impacting the gist of the game”