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Bigg Boss 13: Kishwer Merchant Desires Aarti Singh to Provide it back to Shefali Bagga, States’you’re More Powerful than That’

Former Bigg Boss contestant Kishwar Merchant has come out in support of Bigg Boss 13 contestant Aarti Singh, Following a personal Assault by Shefali Bagga on the Series. Aarti was in the receiving end before this week when Shefali Bagga grilled her about her broken marriage.

Sharing a photo of Aarti in the endeavor, Kishwer composed on Instagram tales, “You’re more powerful than this woman.

Throughout the BB Hospital job, Shefali was the physician and Aarti was the patient. Bigg Boss had requested Shefali to deal with Aarti because of her hearing handicap. Included in this endeavor, Shefali was supposed to say matters to Aarti which will make her stop the match. Although Aarti broke down as Shefali asked her regarding divorce and also a previous connection with co-contestant and TV celebrity Sidharth Shukla, she didn’t stop the job and proceeded to acquire it.

Shortly after the task completed, Shefali apologized into Aarti but it appears the damage was done. Soon as the incident finished, Shefali was one of the best India tendencies on Twitter. Fans of this series slammed her for bringing the private existence of Aarti. 1 consumer tweeted, ““#ShefaliBagga said so many horrible things under the pretense of this endeavor. She did not realize this job was to show the viewers how desperate these celebs can get and just how low they could go.

Another person wrote, “Was it really necessary for #ShefaliBagga to speak so reduced with #ArtiSingh? She spoke about Arti’s divorce, which isn’t a part of what hapend at #BB13 Since when going private with different hms is permitted even inactivity?

Afterwards, on Thursday, through the conversation for picking the best actress of this endeavor, Shefali explained that she consumed stories while grilling Aarti. Kishwar was among the greatest contestants on Bigg Boss 9 and has been about the series with her then-boyfriend Suyyash Rai. She opted to give up the series after being supplied Rs 15 lakh as part of a bargain on the sport.