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Bigg Boss 13: Twitter Split as Sidharth Shukla pushes Mahira Sharma, ” She Said Improper behaviour

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Sidharth Shukla is not planning to get a clear picture within the home. While he’s been at loggerheads with former aide Rashami Desai since the series started, together with she hinting at his abusive behavior, he exhibited aggression from Mahira Sharma on Wednesday’s episode.

Contestants were assumed to construct their ladders with clay and ruin those others. In the span of this undertaking, Sidharth approached Mahira’s ladder and attempted to ruin it. Since Mahira tried shielding hers, Sidharth was very aggressive and pushed aside, triggering a series of chaotic events.

What followed was Rashami, Mahira and Devleena Bhattacharjee intending to make sure that Sidharth remained away from the match. By their plan, Rashami and Devoleena obstructed his way when he attempted ruining Mahira’s ladder and things turned nasty pretty shortly.

He had been spotted telling Arti Singh and Asim Riaz afterward that he didn’t intentionally hurt anybody but he will not take bad behavior simply because it’s coming from a girl. Twitter, also, took sides with Sidharth and has been bombarded with messages soon after the incident.

“u can not blame #SiddharthShukla. If 4 women return to him in precisely the same time and should #RashmiDesai does not possess guts to play it honest. What can he do?

“First of #SiddharthShukla has not touched anybody and that he is only turning ladders upside down down…And second Haters ko tab difficulty Kyun ni hui if devoleena went with a dumbell to ruin the money box at currency task. . ? HYPOCRITES!!”

There were, however, quite a few on Twitter who thought Sidharth was rude and misbehaved through the fiasco. “Dear @ColorsTV please supply psychiatric assistance to #SiddharthShukla. The man needs serious help.

  1. He had been the first person who chose up the fight. 2. He misbehaved with feminine Contestants. 3. He ruined all the task stuff. 4. He spoiled the entire undertaking. 5. He left nasty remarks”

“I had been laughing later when I watched him taking a stand for Arti Singh about Bigg Boss 13 as in actual life the type of language he’s used together with me and remarks he has made for me are nothing in comparison to what Siddharth Dey has stated for Arti,” she’s stated. Sheetal played with the elderly Gehna on the series while Sidharth played with Shiv.