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Billions Increased for Covid-19 vaccine Screen Strong show of global solidarity: WHO Main

Last updated on May 5, 2020

He was speaking to this 7.4 billion euro ($8.1 billion) which were raised funds to aid in the search for a vaccine to the novel coronavirus that had spread to approximately 184 countries around the world. Also, he highlighted that countries had to ensure equitable distribution of the vaccine after a proper one is manufactured.

Political leaders of major European nations on Monday called for collaboration rather than competition from the quest to get a vaccine to the coronavirus since they vowed 7.4 billion euros in a fundraising teleconference which was turned down by the USA.

Leading European countries, together with Japan and Canada, made a number of the greatest gifts. The fundraising teleconference has been, however, marred by the lack of any representation in the USA. President Donald Trump was publicly critical of the worldwide health watchdog’s managing of this Covid-19 pandemic.

In total, about 40 nations, together with the United Nations and many philanthropic agencies that comprised the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and research institutes created contributions for its coronavirus vaccine.

President Trump who will compete for re-election after this year had stated just a day before on Sunday, the United States could possess a coronavirus vaccine prepared by the end of the year. Researchers and health experts throughout the planet, nevertheless, have cautioned against such optimism stating it might take a couple of years for states to develop an effective vaccine that would help address the infectious Covid-19 disease.