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Birds of Prey trailer: DC fans celebrate Harley Quinn’s emancipation, Ewan McGregor’s Dark Mask get mixed reactions

Harley Quinn is Performed with Mr J. Following Margot Robbie showed in Suicide Squad, dispersing Joker’s trademark brand of mayhem, the very first preview of Birds of Prey makes her realize that she’s”the one people should be fearful of”.

She starts by giving herself a new start — a brand new hairstyle but soon discovers that she’s not”the sole dame searching for emancipation.”

Together with the entire name of this movie becoming Birds of Prey (along with also the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), the focus is obviously on Margot Robbie with of her eccentric glory. The pieces where she’s a callback into Marilyn Monroe’s Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend or at which she takes umbrage into being called a chick are especially glorious. She’s celebrating the conclusion of a poisonous relationship and obtaining some sisters at the procedure.

The fan preferred Quinn and her team of misanthropic supes obtained a joyful response from DC followers. Margot Robbie brings Harley Quinn back into the silver screen in the very first riveting trailer for #BirdsOfPrey,” wrote one while still another celebrated the conclusion of her abusive relationship, “How this film will be about her liberty in the joker after numerous fetishized their abusive relationship in suicide group is amazing #BirdsOfPrey.”

Fan was for the association between the girls, together with Harley and Dinah’s friendship obtained a special shoutout. “Dinah is indeed done today, I adore her and that I live for her,” wrote a lover.

It had been McGregor’s Dark Mask that the fans have been mixed around. While many invited him to DC verse others wondered where was that the black mask of the Dark Mask. “Sounds enjoyable! A couple of things I would have enjoyed (Black Mask IN a Dark Mask, Canary’s shout ) but I am positive up to now!” Read a response. Others welcomed McGregor into the movie, “The simple fact that I reside at the time and world where my favorite actor, Ewan McGregor, is playing with my beloved comic protagonist, Black Mask, in a feature movie… It brings tears into my eyes”

Reports, but imply that Birds of Prey has been filmed in reshoots, together with John Wick manager Chad Stahelski stepping in to beef up the activity in the next act.