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Birmingham, the UK’s second Town, could be heading towards a Neighborhood lockdown

Birmingham residents are warned that the UK’s second-largest town might be heading towards a neighborhood lockdown if measures are not taken today to”prevent the spread” of coronavirus cases.

It comes following a sharp gain in the number of coronavirus instances from 13.8 per 100,000 individuals on August 14 into the mid to high 20s per 100,000 on Thursday, based on Birmingham City Council, which advised Euronews the situation is”ever-moving”.

Non-essential visits to care homes were prohibited on Tuesday along with the town council is urging individuals to guarantee social distancing guidelines remain being rigorously satisfied.

In an announcement on Thursday, the leader of Birmingham City Council, Councillor Ian Ward explained: “We can’t manage to reverse the progress we’ve made because the spring in the struggle against COVID-19, but we are currently at a crossroads.

“If we do not comply with the fundamental health information to maintain washing hands, to use face coverings, to maintain 2m apart where possible and also to have tested when we’ve got symptoms, we’ll face more catastrophe in the months and weeks ahead.

“More individuals will fall seriously ill, there’ll be many more deaths and our market will probably confront a different hammer blow, if it requires all of the support it could get.

“We’re living with COVID-19 also it is not going out soon, so we recommend all to continue their bit to keep themselves, and everybody else, secure.”

Birmingham might be placed on a federal watchlist to track the circumstance. The most recent watchlist is supposed to be published on Friday. Should this happen, Birmingham is going to be monitored more carefully and if cases don’t begin to return, tighter constraints will be set in place.

Presently on the watchlist is currently Sandwell, which can be from the Black Country area of Birmingham, and Leicester – at the East Midlands.

There were 5,710 deaths against coronavirus from the West Midlands area since January 10.