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BJP attacks Congress Following its Agents Fulfilled Corbyn on Kashmir

Corbyn’s tweet, using a photograph of him and members of the United Kingdom unit of the Australian Congress (IOC), triggered a sharp response in the BJP. “Appalling! @INCIndia owes it to people of India to describe what its leaders are telling overseas leaders around India. India provides a befitting response to Congress for all these black shenanigans!”

The IOC asserted it’d fulfilled Corbyn to condemn the Kashmir resolution passed by his celebration pm September 26 in its yearly party conference in Brighton, also reiterate that J&K is an internal issue.

“Our meeting with Jeremy Corbyn was held to condemn the Kashmir resolution passed by his own Party and to emphasize J&K is an internal thing and external intervention won’t be accepted. BJP’s malicious statements are just another attempt to divert people from their failures,” that the IOC tweeted.

But senior Congress leader Anand Sharma said the IOC delegation didn’t have the support to go over the Kashmir situation.

“We’re amazed by this misrepresentation and any hierarchical announcement that’s been created on behalf of the Congress party. The IOC delegation had neither a mandate nor any authorization to talk on any matter when it comes to policies or India’s national difficulties. They’re supposed to be just restricted to the Indian diaspora,” he explained.

Sharma stated his party’s position is firm, consistent and transparent as articulated in its functioning committee settlement of August 6.

“Any problem about Jammu and Kashmir is only India’s internal issue. So, exactly what the Congress party must say is conveyed lawfully here without any other entity, person or a human body has some jurisdiction to do so. We disown such a claim. I’m conveying this to the direction of the Labour Party,” he explained.

There has to be a de-escalation and also an end to the cycle of fear and violence that has plagued the area for such a long time.”

IOC spokesperson Sudhakar Goud started its eight-member group, headed by president Kamal Dhaliwal, had insisted that both outside parties or forces don’t have any say in what’s an internal matter of India.

“We all know Corbyn’s tweet. In reality, we replicated the announcement of Rahul Gandhi which Jammu and Kashmir is India’s internal issue. When there’s a matter, Congress will struggle internally inside the Indian Constitution — outside forces don’t have any part in these difficulties,” he explained.

India has told that the global community that its movement on Kashmir has been an internal issue.