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Bonn museum examines German Perspective of the British

Last updated on October 7, 2019

Since Brexit looms, one of Germany’s largest history museums is analyzing how Germans see the British.

The exhibit at Bonn’s Haus der Geschichte, entitled”Very British: A German Point of View”, comprises a Brexit countdown clock and a dress worn by Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to West Germany in 1965.

Project director of this exhibition Dr. Christian Peters stated its subjects included German’s excitement for the British royal household and Brits'”obsession” with the Second World War.

He added: “We considered this display at the start of 2016, nicely before Brexit, since we just found the subject [of] Germany-England quite exciting and wished to do something about it for quite a very long moment.

“And naturally, I state, Brexit is currently of fantastic advantage to us and guarantees a whole lot of focus for this display and we’ve got an amazing influx of people.”

The display runs until 8 March.