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Boris Johnson’s disposable coffee cup Pops off as aide tries to Shield his green credentials

Last updated on October 1, 2019

Sending the proper message is crucial in politics, but an irritated aide into Boris Johnson might have taken it by snatching a java from his hands before television cameras.

The British Prime Minister was walking during his party conference in Manchester when media secretary Robert Oxley handed him the sexy beverage.

But another aide, also called in British accounts as 10 Downing Street surgeries manager Shelley Williams-Walker, snatched the non-recyclable cup from Johnson’s hand.

Said the Prime Minister explained, looking awkward.

“No. Disposable. Cups,” Williams-Walker seethed in Oxley, who muttered”sorry” beneath his breath.

It echoes a similar ban on champagne at the yearly Conservative conference instigated following the worldwide banking meltdown in 2008.

Including moving away from using items like disposable coffee cups.