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Bosnia detains Serb ex-policeman over wartime success from 51 civilians

Bosnian authorities have arrested a Serb ex-policeman, accused of taking part in the murdering of 51 civilians from the 1990s Balkans war.

The 50-year-old person faces charges for the murder of seven Bosniak civilians, that had been intercepted and murdered on their way into the western city of Bihac.

The defendant was identified and detained on Tuesday morning in Donji Dubovik, as per an announcement in the prosecutor’s office.

Prosecutors say the defendant was a part of this Serb-run book police force from the town of Bosanska Krupa in July 1992.

Forty-four civilians, that was detained in the camp, have been shot for alleged money, just to be shot dead in the Lisac pit website.

The remains of these victims were discovered and exhumed in the pit 2000 when they had been identified.

Another person in neighboring Serbia was also arrested a contested as part of this analysis, through global legal aid.

Omarska was among four Serb-run detention camps in the north of the nation, in which 7,000 Bosniaks and Croats were tortured and held, as a portion of their Bosnian Serb surgery to”ethnically cleanse” the area.

Several million people are missing following the war.