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Brad Pitt credits Bradley Cooper for sobriety:’He Is a Love’

“Bradley set his daughter to bed and hurried over here to do this. He is a sweetheart. I got sober due to this man, and each day was happier ever since,” Pitt said.

Pitt had stated in a recent interview, “I only watched (alcohol) as a disservice to myself as an escape” According to the New York Times, Pitt spent a year and a half in Alcoholics Anonymous following his divorce from Jolie at 2017. He said he shared with the most personal pieces of his life in the meetings. “You’d all these guys hanging about being open and fair in a way I have not discovered. It was this secure area in which there was little judgment, and so little judgment yourself,” he explained. “It was freeing to expose the nasty sides of your self.

He added, “So you are embracing all of your errors. You are saying,’Let us be our failings, our humiliation. There is beauty in that. ”’ Cooper also stop alcohol in his early 20s.