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Brexit Commerce: Doubt looms over importers and exporters

Both sides need to reach a deal by October 31 for this to be ratified at the end of the calendar year, when Britain’s withdrawal from the European single market comes into effect. For businesses that do cross-Channel company, the looming deadline and present lack of clarity is leaving them in the dark.

The Brexit transition finishes in only a couple of months.

Natalie Chapman of Logistics UK says habits systems and checks will probably be a number of the Significant hurdles ahead:

“It is likely to be a massive challenge to fully leave the EU at the end of the year. There is an awful lot of detail which still has to be solved”

‘nobody knows what’s coming’

Dan Van Der Knaap of Dutch Quality Flowers travels out of the Netherlands into Britain daily to deliver blossoms – a perishable product which is based on accelerated travel.

“I do worry because I don’t understand what is coming,” he advised Euronews. “There is nothing certain, there is nothing 100 percent that makes me worried too because nobody knows what is coming.”

The big picture is that for most logistics businesses — those responsible for organizing the movement of substantial amounts of merchandise – that the desire is to find expansion to the transition period.

‘Nothing is prepared’

For four decades, UK cargo and logistics companies are worried about Brexit. Coronavirus has added an excess layer of concern for those businesses which rely on there being the smooth movement of products between Europe and the united kingdom.”

1 firm in Felixstowe, England, states European haulers are reticent to commit to contracts past the end of the season.

“My main fear today,” states Jon Sparrow out of Jordan Freight Logistics, “is that the machine will fall at the end of the year. Nothing is prepared — that the IT systems are not prepared, customs are not prepared because of COVID. My panic is haulers, if they do not need to come here, we have got a severe issue.”

The issue remains whether the UK and Europe are going to be prepared for Brexit at the close of the year.