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Brexit talks back but’three Crucial Topics’ stand in way of Bargain, says EC Main von der Leyen

The European Commission’s main has stated Brexit talks will last but there are”three crucial issues” which stand in the way of a Brexit deal.

Ursula von der Leyen, that stated a telephone call with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday evening, stated that”progress was achieved in several regions” but “significant differences remain”.

Both sides released a joint statement stating”significant divergences” were preventing accord.

They emphasized the sticking points of a level playing field how a deal is put on, competition regulation, and fishing; either UK and EU are in consensus that no agreement is possible when these problems aren’t solved, they explained.

Chief negotiators from the two parties will reconvene on Sunday in Brussels. “We will talk again on Monday evening,” the announcement read.

Negotiators from London and Brussels have been locked in discussions since spring to attempt to come to a bargain that they both encourage before the Brexit transition interval is on December 31.

If they can’t reach a compromise, then tariffs for products crossing involving them could use.

While Britain abandoned the bloc in January, a yearlong transition interval has been established through which EU trading principles applied in the united kingdom.

Considering Twitter, Barnier affirmed that following”intense discussions” from the British capital, the UK’s chief trade negotiator David Frost had consented to suspend discussions involving Britain and the bloc.

He highlighted the 3 same problems which have plagued the discussions since March, including: “We agreed to terminate the discussions to short our Principals on the state of play of their discussions. President von der Leyen and Prime Minister Johnson will talk about the state of play tomorrow afternoon.”

Barnier happened to Twitter again following von der Leyen’s announcement, stating: “We shall see whether there’s a way ahead. Work continues tomorrow”

Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) stated on social websites that”an arrangement is in everybody’s best interests” and that”every effort ought to be made to achieve a bargain”.