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Brexit talks near collapse as EU and UK accuse each other of playing the’blame game’

Brexit talks appear on the brink of collapse, Together with the European Parliament President Confirming that”there are Just Two Options to a Bargain with this juncture: Expansion or no Price”

In a statement published after a meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in London, David Sassoli explained that”there has been no progress” towards finding a bargain that would guarantee an orderly departure of the UK in the bloc.

“We’ve analyzed the UK proposals to substitute the initial backstop and our answer is these are a very long way from something where the Parliament can concur. Additionally, they’re not immediately operable,” he included in Tuesday evening’s announcement.

His comments come hours after Downing Street said German Chancellor Angela Merkel had advised them a bargain was”overwhelmingly improbable”, prompting EU officials to accuse Britain of attempting to play with a”dumb blame game”.

A British source told Reuters the”Merkel said that when Germany wanted to leave the EU they can do it no issue but the UK can’t quit without departing Northern Ireland supporting in a customs union and at complete alignment forever”.

He’s reiterated this place despite MPs passing laws which compels him to require a third Brexit delay when a deal isn’t struck before October 19.

However, Johnson has required that the EU scrap the backstop arrangement — a policy designed to avoid a tough boundary in Ireland which could sabotage peace on the island — that the bloc has refused, placing the onus on the UK to find an alternate solution.

UK proposals introduced last week could see the debut of a temporary all-island regulatory zone below which Northern Ireland would come from the customs union but follow EU guidelines for products. Customs tests would therefore still be conducted however, the UK suggested they occur electronically or in other things on the distribution chain to prevent physical boundary infrastructure.

Arlene Foster, pioneer of Northern Ireland’s Democratic Union Party (DUP), said in a statement that”to the United Kingdom to be requested to leave part of its sovereign territory in a foreign organisation where the UK would no more be part and above which we would not have any say whatsoever is beyond mad.”

“No UK Government could concede this kind of stunt,” she added, warning: “we won’t accept such an ultimatum or result.”

But, Keir Starmer, the Brexit spokesperson to the primary opposition Labour Party, stated that”this is just another cynical attempt by Number 10 to sabotage the discussions”, asserting that Johnson’s”plan from day one was to get a no-deal Brexit”.

“It’s becoming more important than that Parliament joins to protect against this reckless Government out us from the EU at the end of the month,” he added.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, by the anti-Brexit Scottish National Party (SNP), accused the united kingdom government of trying”to change the blame for its Brexit fiasco to anybody but themselves”.

“At stake is the future of Europe and the UK in addition to the safety and interests of the people. You do not need a bargain, you do not need to have an extension, you do not wish to reverse, quo Vadis?” he asked.

Simon Coveney, the Irish Foreign Minister endorsed Tusk’s announcement and said the bloc”stay open to finalize a reasonable Brexit offer but desire a UK government keen to use EU to do it”.

The objective of our job will be to safeguard it in all of its dimensions.”

“The EU position hasn’t changed: we need a bargain. We’re working to get a bargain,” she added.