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Brexit: Von der Leyen, Johnson say Differences between EU and Britain Stay

European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson agreed on Saturday to”work intensively” to solve the”major gaps” that stay between the EU and UK in talks over their future connection.

A statement released by the European Commission on Saturday stated that Von der Leyen and Johnson had agreed on the value of coming into an arrangement in a video conference, however, both sides couldn’t agree on key topics.

In the joint statement, they stated that”progress was made in recent months but that important gaps remained, especially but not only in the fields of fisheries, the level playing field, and governance”

They had taught their main negotiators to work intensively to attempt and bridge these gaps, it stated.

Both supported comments with their main negotiators on Friday, through the EU’s Michel Barnier, stated that”persistent acute divergences” between the united kingdom and the bloc stay after the most recent round of discussions between the 2 parties.

Barnier flagged at a statement there were “positive new improvements” throughout the newest — ninth — round of discussions on topics such as aviation security, social security manipulation along with the significance of basic rights and human liberty.

However, he also emphasized that there was”too little progress on some important issues” such as the protection of private data, climate change responsibilities, or carbon dioxide which”persistent serious divergences on issues of big significance for the European Union” stay.

Both sides remain divided over long-term warranties for open and honest competition, an agreement on fisheries, and strong enforcement and dispute settlement mechanisms.

David Frost,” Britain’s guide Brexit negotiator, explained the most recent talks as”constructive” and”ran in the great soul”.

However, he said the absence of progress made on key topics was down into the bloc.

On the level-playing area, he stated”that the EU should proceed farther before an understanding could be attained”, which”without endurance and realism in the EU” the gap between both sides on fisheries”dangers being impossible to bridge”.

“I’m concerned that there’s very little time today to solve these problems before the European Council on October 15″ he added, vowing to”are still completely committed to working hard to find answers if they should be found”