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Brexit’saddest’ Occasion for UK since World War II, says Richard Branson

Last updated on October 25, 2019

Virgin Group founder Richard Branson States Brexit is the”Strangest thing” that Has Occurred to Britain and Europe since World War II.

Talking in Israel, at which he had been inaugurating new Virgin Atlantic services, Branson stated British voters had been”misled” ahead of the 2016 referendum and when given another opportunity would vote to remain in Europe.

He added: “I’d recommend that that’s how they need to vote.”

British lawmakers blocked Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s effort on Tuesday to fast-track his Brexit invoice through Parliament to ensure the U.K. can depart the bloc as scheduled on Oct. 31.

Britain is currently awaiting a decision from Brussels about if the bloc will postpone the U.K.’s scheduled death to avoid a twisted no-deal exit in only eight days.