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Britain needs Great trade deal with EU to Eliminate uncertainty for US Companies, says US Chamber of Commerce

The best US business lobby on Monday urged Britain to complete a bilateral trade agreement with the European Union as soon as possible to eliminate the uncertainty that’s restricting investment flows and may pose dangers to its trade discussions with the United States.

The US Chamber of Commerce, at a set of recommendations issued before the beginning of US-UK trade discussions on Tuesday, said US companies had spent more than $750 billion in Britain, in big part to procure access to the bigger EU single market before Britain voted to leave the bloc.

The team underscored its perspective that London should surpass its ties to Brussels before exercising trade deals with other nations, but said there have been changes for both Britain and the United States to advance international standards in the electronic market, financial solutions, and emerging technology.

The company group also urged Britain and the United States to work to remove all tariffs within their bilateral trade talks, stating that would raise the long-term prognosis for the two nations.