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British Comic Tim Brooke-Taylor Expires of coronavirus in 79

Brooke-Taylor’s representative says he died Sunday morning”out of COVID-19.” Brooke-Taylor was a part of Cambridge University’s Footlights revue, the breeding ground of many generations of British comedian ability. He broke into television and radio humor in the 1960s alongside potential Monty Python associates John Cleese and Graham Chapman.

The trio specialized in somewhat surreal sketches comprising visual inventiveness, slapstick, and tunes. Their tune Funky Gibbon also became a UK top 10 chart hit in 1975.

Their TV series, which ran across the 1970s, was a hit in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand and developed a cult following in several different nations.

The Goodies formed a portion of a golden age of British tv comedy in the 1960s and 70s that comprised Monty Python’s Flying Circus Not the Nine O’Clock News.

For over 40 decades, Brooke-Taylor was also a panelist on BBC radio’s much-loved comedy show I’m Sorry I Have not a Clue.

Goodies co-star Garden stated Brooke-Taylor had been”a humorous, social, generous person who had been a joy to use. Audiences found him not amusing but also cute.” “His loss at this horrible time is very difficult to endure,” Garden said.

Writer-performer Stephen Fry tweeted: “Only heard the devastating news of the passing of Tim Brooke-Taylor. A hero for so long as I can recall, and on a few golden events – a colleague and collaborator on I’m Sorry I Have not A Clue. Gentle, kind, humorous, sensible, warm, however piercingly witty when he decided to be. So unhappy.”