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Brussels Moves UK’s Brexit delay letter to EU parliament

The letter asks the EU to additional postpone the date by which the UK must leave the bloc.

However, Johnson has always insisted that the UK will depart by October 31st with no delay – and he did not sign the letter.

That deliberate ambiguity is going to be scrutinized by Scotland’s top court to find out whether it may have violated the law.

On Sunday the opposition Labour party announced that was precisely what occurred.

He must have signed one letter in accord with the law”

“If we wreck out due to what he is done using all the letters, in 11 times with no bargain, he bears personal responsibility for this,” he added.

However, Johnson’s government is sticking with its script.

Gove also stated the danger of no arrangement had improved along with the government was stepping up preparations for this.

The International Monetary Fund has warned that no bargain Brexit would endanger the planet’s market and reduce the UK’s GDP by somewhere between 3.5% and 5%.

Along with also the UK Institute for Fiscal Studies has warned that it might push the degree of government debt for their stage for more than 50 decades.

Johnson’s authorities insist that such caution is exaggerations.