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Bulgaria protests Input 100th Successive day as demonstrators denounce widespread corruption

Hundreds took to the streets in towns around Bulgaria on Friday, marking the 100th successive day of anti-government protests from the nation.

Demonstrators are decrying prevalent, deep-rooted degradation and corruption of the rule of law.

They’re calling for Prime Minister Boyko Borissov’s center-right authorities and Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev to step over allegations they permitted an oligarchic mafia to capture control of this Balkan nation.

Protesters also say they’re fed up with the ruling design of Borissov, which has been at the helm of three successive governments since 2009.

European members of parliament were one of the people expressing assistance through Friday’s rallies and said any shift in Bulgaria should arrive in the kind of elections early next year.

In reaction to the protests, that began on July 9, Borisov suggested reforms to the ministry that have been decried by protesters as a method of maintaining his administration in power before the upcoming elections.

Rallies lately have been largely calm, but there were occasional clashes with authorities and a few arrests.

Governance watchdog Transparency International ranks Bulgaria as the most corrupt of the 27 countries in the EU.

Bulgaria’s economy is reportedly among the weakest in Europe, largely as a result of corruption.