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California Rep. Katie Hill resigns over allegations about affair

Freshman Rep. Katie Hill is resigning amid an ethics evaluation over an allegedly improper relationship with a staffer. In a letter published on Twitter, the Southern California Democrat credited the resignation into an “abusive” estranged husband and”heterosexual political operatives” who she said were”forcing a smear campaign constructed around cyber manipulation. “Her resignation was reported by Politico. The House Ethics Committee investigation of Hill, that had been chosen in last year’s mid-terms, started after the conservative website Red State reported unconfirmed allegations about her private life and submitted a photograph of her it branded”explicit.”

“We’re pursuing all our available legal alternatives,” she explained. “But I understand that as long as I’m in Congress, we will live fearful of what could come next. “She added that she would no more let friends and fans to”endure this unprecedented new cruelty. “Hill’s estranged husband, Kenny Heslep, could not immediately be contacted for comment. According to court records acquired by CNBC, both were married for nine years before Heslep filed for divorce in Los Angeles in July — just one month later he said she told him she was departing him. She took his”only operable automobile and left me stranded in our home,” Heslep stated from the documents. Heslep also promised he got multiple tasks in the organization in which Hill had functioned for her”influence.” He said he dropped one of these tasks because Hill’s company was worried about”nepotism and the way that it appeared that she had been my boss,” the records say. Last week, Hill surfaced after admitting that she had a connection with a person on her effort. But she denied the affair was having a team member. “I understand that a consensual relationship with a subordinate is improper, but I allowed it to occur despite my better judgment,” Hill stated. “For this, I apologize.