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Call of Duty: Mobile Starts on October 1, Happens on PUBG Mobile with battle royale Style

The free-to-play cellular game will have all the vital features of the first variant and will provide new characters, maps and also a PUBG Mobile-like Battle Royale mode.

Activision has confirmed Call of Duty: Mobile will provide recognizable maps like Crash, Hijacked, and Nuketown. There’ll also be many gameplay modes like Team Deathmatch, Free-for-All, and Search and Destroy. Activision claimed the new game would provide adventures from the timeless Modern Warfare and Black Ops series. For example, users may unlock characters like John”Soap” MacTavish and Simon”Ghost” Riley in the Modern Warfare series. Users are going to have utterly customizable control strategy too.

Players will have the choice to play as four-member staff, two-member staff and maybe even solo.

An individual will compete across land, sea, and atmosphere in the map while hammering ATV, helicopter, and strategic raft. The same as other games, then you can collect weapons and gear as you play the sport. Call of Duty: Mobile will even allow you to select between a first or third-person view.

Call of Duty: Mobile players can pre-register to your sport on the organization’s web site. The game will soon be available in most areas, including India.

“We’re providing the pleasant, first-person activity experience on cellular with touch Call of Duty gameplay at the palms of the hands,” explained Chris Plummer, VP, Mobile in Activision. “We’re bringing together some of the best the franchise offers, such as Modern Warfare channels such as Crash and Crossfire, Black Ops channels such as Nuketown and Hijacked, and a lot more, into an epic name. We have analyzed the game broadly in select territories along with the comments we have received helped us enhance the encounter for October 1.”