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‘Can my husband visit his mistress?’ : French authorities receive eccentric lockdown questions

These are merely a few of the absurd questions placed to French authorities since the beginning of the nation’s coronavirus confinement.

They arrived through a crisis line — obtained by dialing 17 — that authorities state has witnessed a surge in calls within the previous ten days.

“Folks call for nothing and everything since they’re bored,” said a spokesman for the French gendarmerie military authorities.

“They only need to speak,” he added.

France was on a strict lockdown because Tuesday, 17 March, together with individuals just permitted to leave their houses for meals shopping, medical visits or exercise, even if the latter is at the proximity of where they reside.

At the town of Dijon, a girl dialed 17 to create an appeal for assistance.

“Following my divorce, I was able to find somebody. However, he resides 25 km from my property. How do we get it done under lockdown?” She asked the broker.

Another left his home to wash the vehicle.

“We’ve got serious calls for advice,” said a policeman. “But so-called violent calls which border on stupidity.”

‘My neighbor goes out too frequently’

“We had a fairly libertine couple who desired to know whether the husband could usually spend the weekend with his mistress!” However, he added, also, there are growing calls for”domestic violence and neighborhood issues.”

“We’ve got an influx of calls daily following the eight-o-clock news. For questions which deserve to be requested or… only to understand whether they could take their garbage while being under lockdown,” the other policeman told AFP news agency.

In Gironde, south-west France, the growth in calls to authorities is powerful.

“It’s exclusively for advice just like’I took my dog outside this afternoon, can I do this day?’ ,” said the other policeman.

Additionally, there are calls telling authorities about what callers’ neighbors are around.

“My neighbor is speaking with a great deal of individuals and doesn’t honor confinement” or”there are too many folks at my acquaintance’s,” said an officer at Ardeche.