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Canada’s Trudeau pledges assault rifle ban, pivots Effort amid blackface scandal

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, embroiled in a blackface film scandal, on Friday vowed to prohibit military-style assault rifles from the nation’s most ethnically diverse city to receive his campaign back issue.

Trudeau is campaigning in Toronto with less than five months to go before the Oct. 21 federal election and two weeks following bombshell pictures of him in blackface emerged.

“Thoughts and prayers are not going to reduce it,” Trudeau said in Toronto. “We all know that you don’t require a military-grade attack weapon, one built to kill the greatest number of individuals in the briefest quantity of time, to take down a bull.”

Last month, a 17-year-old was murdered by gunfire, and five other individuals were injured in a neighborhood just outside Toronto, and two weeks afterward, another man was killed in a shooting on a significant highway.

Many ministers turned up in the statement to show their support, such as Finance Minister Bill Morneau and Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland.

Trudeau explained the gun rules would incorporate a buyback plan for many legitimately bought assault rifles, and a Liberal government would also work together with different levels of government to provide municipalities the ability to restrict further or prohibit handguns.

All national parties hope to make political gains in the vicinity of Toronto this particular election.

Ahead of the blackface images appeared two weeks before, polls revealed Trudeau is running head-to-head together with his chief rival, Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer.

Trudeau’s effort was upended when Time magazine on Wednesday printed a picture of this prime minister, who’s regarded as a powerful advocate for multiculturalism, together with his face blackened in a 2001″Arabian Nights” celebration when he had been a 29-year-old teacher in a Vancouver private college.

Other pictures have emerged and Trudeau said on Thursday that he was”cautious” of ruling from the presence of even more because he couldn’t keep in mind those that had come out.