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Car-maker Audi apologises over’insensitive’ Woman with banana Advertisement

German automaker Audi apologized following a new advertisement showing a little woman eating a banana before a red high heeled vehicle stirred controversy.

“We sincerely apologize to this jarring picture and guarantee it won’t be utilized in the future,” Audi tweeted Monday following the advertisement drew a negative reaction.

“Lets your heart beat faster – in every facet,” the advertising slogan read over the picture.

The first article was retweeted over 1,000 times.

Some critics called for its immediate withdrawal, asserting that the advertisement was indicative, while some others said there were security concerns because the driver wouldn’t be able to observe the kid.

However, others on social websites argued that individuals who see some”eroticism” inside ought to wonder in their creativity.

“The first idea was to demonstrate that the most vulnerable individuals may break and relax thanks to the sports technologies from the Audi RS 4,” Audi informed Euronews.

The business declared on Twitter it would currently research”how this effort was produced and if control mechanics failed in this instance”.