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Catalan activist condemns severity of sentences for separatists Because anti-democratic

A Catalan activist and political commentator has condemned the sentences given out to pro-separatist leaders since undemocratic.

Andres da Silva advised Euronews’ Good Morning Europe the severity of the paragraphs was undemocratic and significantly worsened the situation:

“Spain doesn’t wish to fix this matter, it isn’t considering a peaceful resolution to the conflict, otherwise they would not have delivered their political opponents to prison.

“I believe Pedro Sanchez and his authorities have begun a propaganda effort that Spain is a consolidated democracy. Nonetheless, it’s far from this, because, from the western world, democracies don’t attack their political opponents by placing them in prison.

“History won’t be generous to Pedro Sanchez and how he’s behaved with this procedure.”

Acting Prime Minister Sanchez firmly refused the chance of pardons:

“Now an exemplary judicial procedure has concluded. But at precisely the same time, now confirms the sinking of a political job which has failed in its effort to acquire internal support and global recognition, leaving pain and confrontation, the fracturing of coexistence in Catalonia.

“From now, if we depart behind extremism could start a new age at which the return to stability is among the chief columns of Catalonia.”

Plan of repression?
Former President of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont, talking at a media conference in Luxembourg, strongly condemned the paragraphs:

“The paragraphs of the Supreme Court from the members of this government, the parliament and also the very crucial social entities of Catalonia, confirms the plan of repression and revenge from all those taxpayers that have sought the path of democracy to create their will potential.

“No propaganda plan on the planet can mask a lot shameful an insult. The massive conclusion of the Spanish justice program marks the dawn of a new age where exercising basic rights and freedoms will be limited to all taxpayers.

“Along with the legitimate alternative of pursuing liberty through any democratic stations will probably be persecuted under suspicion of sedition.

The Europe that states nothing in the surface of the Turkish atrocities against the Kurds, is exactly the same Europe that kept silent once the authorities in a member nation used terrifying violence since they attacked people likely to vote”