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Catalan separatist leaders take up MEP Chairs in Setback to Madrid

Both pledged to utilize their new position to induce the secessionist trigger on Europe’s program.

Puigdemont was at the forefront of this illegal referendum effort in Catalonia in 2017 but he was able to flee to Brussels when Spanish police issued an arrest warrant for him.

‘Complimentary Junqueras’

The fugitive leader employed the opening session of the plenary in Strasbourg to require the immediate release from a Spanish prison of another Catalan officer who had been elected to the European Parliament, former Catalonia vice president Oriol Junqueras.

He waved a yellowish poster demanding”Free Junqueras.”

Puigdemont arrived in the legislature on the first day, filmed with a few hundred fans who had over a dozen flags fluttering from the midday winds Beyond the legislature in northeastern France.” Puigdemont president” they cried in unison.

Puigdemont and Comin, that are wanted in Spain because of their function at the 2017 secession bidding, were just able to take their seats in the European Parliament following the EU’s top court ruled they could.

However, the ruling did not fix the event of Junqueras. The European Parliament followed a Spanish Supreme Court choice and eliminated Junqueras’ mandate, leaving him in prison.

“If the European Union was a marriage of liberty and rights, Oriol Junqueras will be here now,” Puigdemont stated on Monday.

Immunity vote looms

Puigdemont stated he was seeking a vote in the European Parliament” in weeks” over if he could see Spain without being detained. He especially wants to stop by Junqueras.

“We expect, in certain, not too (several ) months, likely weeks, we’ve got a very clear statement in the board of the European parliament,” he told AP news agency.