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Cats Using coronavirus: U.S. records first cases of Critters contracting COVID-19

In an announcement on its site, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that the creatures lived in various regions of New York state, the U.S. epicenter of this virus.

It stated the cats had been suffering from respiratory difficulties but were expected to make a complete recovery.

In the first circumstance, the CDC stated that nobody in the kitty’s family had coronavirus, but the creature might have contracted it from a mildly-ill or asymptomatic person in the house, or via contact with an infected individual out.

In the second circumstance, the cat owner tested positive for COVID-19 yet another cat in the family didn’t.

CDC explained that entire there was”no evidence that pets play a part in spreading the virus from the United States”, pet owners must keep animals inside as much as you can.

Dogs must be kept on a leash at least half an hour from individuals and other creatures, it stated.

Outside the U.S., there are instances of creatures contracting the virus, such as in Belgium, Hong Kong and Wuhan.