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CEOs of Facebook, Google and Twitter grilled on Articles in US Senate hearing

Lawmakers from both the Democrat and Republican parties have been analyzing the firms’ enormous capability to disseminate ideas and speech, less than 1 week ahead of the US presidential election.

‘Strong arbiters of fact’
Facebook CEO Zuckerberg confessed that Congress” needs to upgrade the law to be certain it’s functioning as planned.”

Meanwhile, the Twitter co-founder Dorsey advocated caution and cautioned that undermining section 230 would eliminate a great deal more online content and”inflict severe constraints” on platforms’ capacity to tackle damaging content.

Sundar Pichai also appealed to senators to become”quite conscious of the consequences” that legal reform could have on consumers and businesses.

Wednesday’s Senate hearing has been held via videoconference facing members of the trade committee of the upper house of US Congress.

Republican Senator Roger Wicker, who chairs the committee, also called for a sweeping reform of law enforcement to strengthen the responsibility of technology giants.

“My concern is that these platforms have become strong arbiters of fact and articles that users can get,” explained Senator Wicker.

“The public is poorly informed about the decision-making procedure when content is moderated and consumers have very little recourse when it’s censored or restricted,” he added.

Criticism first centered on Twitter, which was accused by Republicans of prejudice in its moderation of articles, especially on articles by US President Donald Trump.

‘Australian dictators’

“Your platform enables foreign dictators to publish their propaganda without limitation, while you systematically limit the president of the USA,” Senator Wicker said.

Jack Dorsey defended his platform’s activities to the hearing, stating that the system reacts as promptly as possible to medium material deemed unsuitable.

Facebook and Twitter were convicted for taking action on a controversial article from the New York Post about Democrat nominee Joe Biden, along with his son Hunter.

Republican senator Ted Cruz, specifically, accused Twitter of”egregious” behavior by restricting the spread of this report.

However, Democrat Senator Brian Schatz denounced the hearing as a”sham” and said that Republicans were”attempting to intimidate the minds of private firms into making a hit job” on leaders.

The social networking giants also faced scrutiny in their attempts to police misinformation before their election, their policies on political advertisements, and guidelines on hate speech.