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Chaos in Dijon after armed gangs Confront against Authorities in fourth day of violence

Calm was restored to the roads of a Dijon suburb following four times of unrest.

On Friday a huge group of Chechens started cooperating with the North African community seeking to settle scores following the beating of a teenaged Chechen boy.

Some media reports indicate members of the Chechen community hauled around France, Belgium, and Germany to achieve Dijon.

Dozens of guys armed with guns and crowbars wreak havoc on the low-end area of Grésilles, burning cars and garbage bins and ruining CCTV cameras.

In 1 episode, a group of journalists from public broadcaster France 3 had been assaulted by guys who snore their car or truck.

France’s Junior inside Minister Laurent Nunez toured the region on Tuesday and promised that an”exceptionally strong response” with over 150 police and gendarmes mobilized to reassure residents.

Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s far-right National Rally celebration, also paid a visit and blamed lax immigration policies to its unrest.

“This is a situation of gravity. It goes past a news story and needs to be considered a warning to our state,” Le Pen said.

Among those guys who participate in the violence supported to a local paper an assault on a community center on Friday was a revenge attack following a neighborhood drug dealer attacked a 16-year-old Chechen youth.

On Saturday night, approximately 50 Chechen guys returned into the Grésilles district, by which a local director of a pizza restaurant has been shot.

Bernard Schmeltz, the area’s perfect, stated that the disturbances on Monday night were thought to be revenge attacks for the violence of their prior 3 evenings.

Schmaltz and the regional police came under fire for a lack of intervention to the violence over the weekend, but he stated that”supervising and encircling” the gangs has been”the sole practicable strategy”

Eric Mathais, Dijon’s prosecutor, stated that at least six people were injured over the previous 3 days and that an investigation was opened to the violence.