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Charlie Hebdo: Presumed Paris knife criminal to be charged with attempted murder

The principal defendant in a knife attack outside the prior Charlie Hebdo assumptions in Paris a week is to be charged with attempted murder and terrorist unlawful association.

Two people were hurt in the assault on Friday 25 September, out the former office of the satirical magazine that was the scene of a terror assault in 2015 that left 11 people dead.

It was originally reported that the defendant in Friday’s attack was an 18-year-old, but a prosecutor stated he confessed that he was a 25-year-old named Zaheer Hassan Mahmoud, following a Pakistani identity record was discovered on his mobile phone.

The federal anti-terrorism prosecutor Jean-Fran├žois Ricard said the defendant was”entirely unknown to the intelligence agencies” under the identities.

He’s expected to be shown on Tuesday afternoon to an investigating judge to be indicted for”attempted murder” and”terrorist unlawful association”.

In total, besides Zaheer Hassan Mahmoud, ten individuals are held in police custody up to now in this particular investigation.

Five were published between Friday and Monday, and also the federal anti-terrorism prosecutor declared on Tuesday the previous five had been published.

‘Anger’ about animations
According to the prosecutor, the defendant said that he had been”mad” about the current book and republication from Charlie Hebdo of cartoons of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

Many Muslims find animations of Muhammad offensive.

The prosecutor also affirmed the defendant had intended his action beforehand, using a first plan” to input the paper’s premises, if needed together with the hammer, and place them on fire using all the bottles of the white soul”.

“When he came in front of the road and watched the sufferers, he believed they had been operating for (Charlie Hebdo) and chose to strike them”, said the prosecutor.

Charlie Hebdo, that has moved assumptions, republished the animations on the eve of the trial of those included from the 2015 assault.