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Charlize Theron denies being’Nearly married’ to Sean Penn, calls for the Thought’These bullsh*t’

Theron was talking to Howard Stern on his series.

“What? That is not correct. No. We dated. The actors were collectively in 2014 after the two of them came from long-term relationships.

“It was a connection, for certain. We were certainly distinctive, but it had been for just a year,” Theron told Stern. “We moved in. I was not going to marry him. It had been nothing like this.” She stated that union hasn’t been important for her, and she did not wish to get wed to Penn whatsoever.

This is not the first time Theron has talked about the split. At a 2015 US Weekly interview, she explained, “We had been in a connection and after that, it did not work. And we decided to separate. That is it.” At a 2016 Wall Street Journal interview, responding to allegations she ghosted Penn, she stated, “There’s a necessity to sensationalize things. If you leave a connection there needs to be an f–king crazy narrative or any crazy play. Along with also the f–king ghosting thing, such as literally, I don’t even understand what it is. It is just its monster.”

The actor told Stern, “My life at the moment just does not allow for a good deal of space for something like this to occur, something which’s already incredibly tough to achieve when you are not a single mother with a livelihood.”