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Chelsea’s Frank Lampard Amazed Leeds won FIFA’s Fair Play award despite’Spygate’ scandal

Last updated on September 28, 2019

Leeds boss Bielsa and his team had been recognized in the entire governing body’s yearly award ceremony in Milan for permitting Aston Villa to evaluate an uncontested goal through another tier game last season.

But, Leeds were fined GBP 200,000 and given a severe reprimand from the English Football League last term after Bielsa delivered a part of his team to spy a Derby coaching session.

Asked on Friday when he choked on his breakfast cereal once he heard the information, Lampard responded: “I’d grin. “What occurred with Spygate was quite well-documented, and they got fined rules altered slightly for this. I believed it was incorrect.

“To receive a reasonable play award off the rear of this is. I believed it was irony initially.

“It was a strange choice for them to acquire that. I believe everyone had the same response (to the fair play award), to be honest, because a great deal of information was set to Spygate.

“And that I think very rightly so also it has dealt with at the ideal way, so once you go and provide an award for fair play in precisely the same year then I do not think that it’s ideal.”

Back in April, Leeds let Villa to walk the ball into their internet at Elland Road. Angry scenes had broken minutes before after Leeds appeared set to stop play due to an accident to Jonathan Kodjia before playing and scoring by Mateusz Klich.

However, Lampard did not believe that was sufficient to warrant the FIFA decoration.

“It was very appropriate that they provide Villa the chance to score, very directly to level the equilibrium of what had occurred,” he added.