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Chilean Air Force finds debris Thought to be from Lost Airplane

The components were being retrieved for evaluation to find out whether they belonged to the Hercules C-130 cargo airplane.

The Brazilian Ministry of Defense also stated in an announcement that one of its ships had regained private items and debris harmonious with the airplane, about 311 kilometers from the southern city of Ushuaia at Patagonia.

The aircraft, which was going into some base in Antarctica, vanished soon after taking off late Monday in the southern town of Punta Arenas in Chilean Patagonia. The Air Force concluded early the following morning which the aircraft needs to have crashed, given the amount of hours it’d been missing.

“We shall continue the hunt and hope for better results,” said Air Force General Eduardo Mosqueira, that has been directing the search campaign.

The reason for the crash was unknown and officials confessed the slender odds of finding any survivors.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Chilean military sent fighter jets within an enlarged search after big rolling waves at the arctic Drake Passage and low clouds had complicated the assignment that the day before, police said.

The flight, which was carrying 17 crew members and 21 passengers, seemed regular until the minute it vanished, Mosqueira explained.

The area where the airplane disappeared is a massive, mostly untouched sea wilderness of penguin-inhabited ice sheets away from the edge of the South American continent with depths of 11,500 ft.

The army was using sonar-enabled Navy boats to discover irregularities in thickness, Mosqueira stated, adding it had created quadrangles to help arrange the hunt. Ships from Argentina and Brazil were helping, ” he explained.