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China accuses US of meddling Following American diplomat meets Dalai Lama

China on Tuesday said it had been firmly opposed to some meeting between India-based Dalai Lama and officials following a senior US diplomat met the Tibetan leader in Dharamshala to talk about methods to enhance religious freedom.

The US’s Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback presented a speech at Dharamshala on Monday and the Dalai Lama in the 60th-anniversary celebration of the Tibetan Institute for the Performing Arts.

Reports stated that during his interview with Dalai Lama,” Brownback discussed methods to enhance religious freedom for Tibetan Buddhists across the world.

Beijing’s foreign ministry was fast to respond to the assembly and lashed out in the US in the regular ministry briefing on Tuesday.

“We urge the US official to quit calling the Dalai Lama clique, making reckless remarks and utilizing Tibet-related problems to intervene with China’s internal affairs,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson, Geng Shuang said on Tuesday.

Geng stated the 14th Dalai Lama was a political exile who’s participated in anti-China separatist actions beyond the nation, which China firmly opposes foreign official contact in any kind.

“The US official’s comments violated the US’ commitment to recognize Tibet as part of China rather than encourage’Tibet secession’,” Geng said.

On the reincarnation of Living Buddhas, Geng said it’d mended religious rituals and historical traditions.

“The 14th Dalai Lama himself was recognized predicated on spiritual rituals and historical traditions, and has been reported on the then central government, which accepted the series,” Geng added.

“consequently the reincarnation of Living Buddhas, such as the Dalai Lama, must follow federal regulations and laws, spiritual rituals and historical traditions,” Geng said.