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China checks on Kim Jong-un’s Ailing health, sends a Group to North Korea

Chief ally China has sent a group including physicians to North Korea to test on its chief Kim Jong-un subsequent reports last week that stated the 36-year-old was severely sick.

The trip is set to activate additional speculation regarding the wellbeing of Kim Jong-un who’s supposedly a heavy smoker, also seems overweight and contains a history of cardiovascular vascular problems in the household.

Beijing is now isolated and secretive Pyongyang’s chief ally and financial benefactor and President Xi Jinping have fulfilled Kim many times in the past few years for example during his first state visit to North Korea at 2019 following over a decade.

Kim, based on previous reports, was”conspicuously absent” from birthday parties on April 15 of the grandfather and state founder Kim Il Sung.

He hasn’t been seen in public as a meeting on April 11, which fuelled speculation about his health.

In North Korea, the wellness of its leaders is treated as an issue of state security.

According to Reuter’s report, when Kim’s dad Kim Jong-il, suffered a stroke in 2008, Chinese physicians were included in his therapy together with French doctors.

US Media outlets had reported previously that Kim had gone beneath a cardiovascular process, together with CNN mentioning a US official with direct knowledge about the issue as saying that Washington had been”tracking intelligence” which Kim had been in grave danger following an operation.

On Tuesday, the Chinese foreign ministry said that it had been aware of reports regarding the health of North Korean leader but stated it doesn’t know their origin, without fretting about whether it’s any information regarding this circumstance.

Spokesperson Geng Shuang made the comments during identification not elaborate further throughout the daily briefing.