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China criticises Danish politicians over Trip of Hong Kong Resistance activist

China has accused Danish politicians of dividing”the fundamental norms governing international relations” in a dispute over a Hong Kong resistance activist.

Ted Hui, a former lawmaker, seen Denmark this week after getting an invitation from Danish lawmakers to go to the Scandinavian nation.

The pro-democracy activist was detained in Hong Kong in May within a demonstration from the town’s Legislative Council but had acquired a visa to earn the visit to Europe.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying stated the actions of unnamed lawmakers” damages Denmark’s image as a nation that has always highlighted the principle of law”.

“We are firmly opposed to some other individual, organization, or nation interfering in Hong Kong affairs at all, interfering in Hong Kong’s judicial sovereignty, and protecting illegal offenders in Hong Kong,” Hua said in a daily briefing on Friday.

Hong Kong is now a significant flashpoint in China’s foreign relations after the reduction of anti-government protests from town this past year.

Back in June, Beijing enforced a National Security Law, which critics say amounts to China betraying its guarantee to allow Hong Kong to maintain its political and civil rights.

“Where there are regulations, they need to be followed closely, and violations should be researched.”

Since the beginning of the anti-government demonstrations in June 2019, Hong Kong authorities have made over 10,000 arrests, many lately prominent pro-democracy figures such as activists Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow, in addition to social press tycoon Jimmy Lai.

In addition to Hong Kong, China has tangled with European countries over individual rights, Taiwan, as well as commerce.