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‘China is number one’:” Trump claims China’s Covid-19 Deaths way Before US

President Donald Trump has voiced his doubts on the official Chinese characters on the number of deaths in their country as a result of publication coronavirus pandemic, asserting the deaths were far ahead of the united states.

Trump’s comments come two weeks after a second 1,300 deaths were added to the official count at the town of Wuhan, where the epidemic began. The revision sets China’s total death toll to over 4,600.

“We’re not number one; China is number one just so that you know,” Trump told reporters in a White House news conference on Saturday. “They’re far ahead of us about passing. It is not even close.”

The president claimed that the true number was much greater compared to the official Chinese death toll amounts, which he stated were”unrealistic”.

Why?” he asked. “You might need to clarify that. Someday I’ll clarify it.” Also, he emphasized that about a per-capita foundation, the mortality rate from the US was much lower compared to other countries of Western Europe.