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China Starts Uninterrupted meeting of party elite

The ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) kicked off a crucial close meeting of the party elite on Monday at which President Xi Jinping is very likely to press home the need to fortify the CPC’s grip over government and modernizing the manners of governance such as through technology.

It’s thought to be the most significant yearly meeting of the CPC.

The 370-member CC is expected to go over the complete assortment of major policies in the long run as Beijing grapples with all the trade war with the US, a slowing economy and the continuing pro-democracy protests at the special administrative region (SAR) of Hong Kong.

China’s economy is growing at its slowest pace in almost three decades, and steady economic growth is essential to the third party’s political validity.

Back in September, in a speech in the CPC Central Party School, Xi said China was entering a period of”concentrated dangers” — economic, diplomatic and political — and the nation has to be prepared to fight.

“In the plenary session, the CPC Central Committee will hear a report by the Political Bureau on its own work, and discuss significant issues regarding how to conserve and enhance the method of socialism with Chinese characteristics and produce progress in modernising China’s system and potential of governance, according to a statement issued following the assembly,” an official statement published by the state-controlled Xinhua news agency said last week.

“While there are no firm guidelines, a conference has emerged wherein certain plenums have general topics. By way of instance, the Third Plenum frequently focuses on economic reforms…whereas the Fourth Plenum frequently deals with problems of CCP’s inner governance. That having been said, subjects are flexible and reflective of topics that the Party leadership viewpoints as most pressing,” Jude Blanchette who holds the Freeman Chair in China Studies at the middle for Strategic and Global Studies (CSIS) wrote before this season.

A landmark plenum in 1978 under afterward leading CPC leader Deng Xiaoping introduced China’s economic reforms, changing China in an economically backward state to an economic powerhouse within the upcoming few decades.

In the last plenum in February 2018, the CPC approved the elimination of presidential terms limitations, paving the way for President Xi to keep in office before he dies.