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China States’seriously Worried’ from US freeze of WHO Capital

China said Wednesday it was”seriously concerned” about the US decision to suspend funding to the World Health Organization, also encouraged Washington to fulfill its duties throughout the coronavirus catastrophe.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday accused the Geneva-based body of placing political correctness above life-threatening steps as he purchased that the funding freeze for”mismanaging” the pandemic.

“The present international epidemic situation is gloomy. It’s in a vital moment. This US choice will weaken the WHO’s abilities and undermine the global alliance against the outbreak.”

Trump’s most up-to-date decision reflects his view that the WHO was biased towards China, colluding to protect against the US’ primary economic rival from needing to be open about the unfolding health catastrophe.

“We urge the United States to fulfill their duties and duties, and encourage the WHO-led global action against the outbreak,” Zhao said, adding that the agency plays with an”irreplaceable role” against the outbreak.