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China threatens retaliation after Czech delegation Trip to Taiwan

The Czech Foreign Ministry will muster the Chinese ambassador to Prague after threatening statements were produced from a Czech politician seeing Taiwan.

A delegation headed by Czech Senate President Milos Vystrcil came in Taipei on Sunday, angering Beijing.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi described the trip as”provocation” and stated Vystrcil must”pay a high price because of his shortsighted behavior”.

Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian added that Beijing wouldn’t”sit idly by and give up the people provocation of the Czech Senate speaker along with the anti-China forces supporting him”.

China regards Taiwan as one of its states and an essential part of its land whilst condemning any official contact between the island and overseas officials.

However, Czech diplomat Tomas Petricek told journalists in Prague he hopes China to describe their statements.

“This excursion has an effect on our relationships with China, but I believe these words proceed too much,” Petricek mentioned on Monday.

Like most nations, the Czech Republic doesn’t have formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan but keeps robust casual connections.

Underneath the”One China” policy arrangement, Prague doesn’t ship official government delegations to Taiwan. However, Vystrcil, a part of this right-wing resistance, isn’t bound by this policy.

His 90-person delegation, including politicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, and journalists, is scheduled to remain in Taiwan before Friday.

Also one of the groups is that the mayor of Prague, Zdenek Hrib, that canceled a twinning arrangement with Beijing in protest against the”One China” policy in October 2019. Prague and Taipei afterward signed a partnership agreement in January.

The Senate President also told an economic forum in Taiwan that liberty and democracy would be the cornerstone of wealth, where both sides signed agreements on high tech production and environmental management.

Vystrcil’s predecessor, Jaroslav Kubera, had intended to go to Taiwan before his departure despite evidenced by Beijing.

The Czech delegation’s coming is the next major foreign trip to Taiwan in under a month, following US Health Secretary Alex Azar, that became the senior US government official to go to the island because Washington decided to reevaluate Beijing instead of Taiwan in 1979.