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Chris Hemsworth made Replicated goof-ups in Avengers Infinity War. And they are in the Movie

In reality, he did it on several occasions, and the two mispronunciations made it to the finished movie.

The actor, who performs Thor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, declared Nidavellir as Nivadellir. Videos of this goof-up made it into Twitter. “Thor states’Nivadellir’ rather than’Nidavellir’. (The d and v are changed ) He states it wrong twice on Quill’s boat while riding within the pod together with Rocket and Groot. However, In the next act of this movie that he properly pronounces it ‘Nidavellir’,” one fan noticed on Twitter.

The mistake is noted on the movie’s IMDb page, below’goofs’. However, In the next act of this movie that he properly pronounces it ‘Nidavellir’.”

Many Marvel enthusiasts are given their take on the topic in a Reddit ribbon specializing in the goof-up. “I grabbed this in my next watch and supported it in my 3rd (and 4th). “I just saw Infinity War again and again needed to double-check, but Thor pronounces it Nivadellir every time, whilst everybody else pronounces it Nidavellir. I have a very hard time imagining the Russos & Co. would allow something important to go undetected. Do you believe it was deliberate?” Wrote.

Avengers: Infinity War premiered in 2018, also became the first MCU movie to make over $2 billion at the global box office, before it was eclipsed by its successor, Avengers: Endgame. Hemsworth is expected to reprise his character from the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie along with the fourth largest Thor movie. He appeared as a black economy in Netflix’s Extraction.